Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wine and beer and cognac...oh my!

Wine update: King's Estate Pinot Grigio is still my favorite white wine. Sure, it's $14 a bottle, but it is so darn good! Seven Deadly Zins is still my favorite red wine...but I'm looking forward to other reds soon at a wine tasting (this Saturday, Oct. 22).

Beer: So I finally had a Guiness and it's pretty darn good...for a beer. I was reminded of chocolate for some reason when I tasted it...dark chocolate that is. Beer and me just don't seem to mix. About 1/2 way down, I didn't like the flavor any longer.

Cognac: A friend bought me a bottle of vanilla cognac. Wow, that stuff is amazing. It's a definate after dinner, after dessert sipping drink. But it is a very, very nice flavor and definately puts me in the mode of bedtime.

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