Friday, October 21, 2005

Numbers...what a dream...

So, as a mathematics geek, I'm simply amazed by basic math formulas that folks utilize to solve problems. Of course, they don't see them as math, but it is those old geeky algebraic formulas from highschool. :) The series, Numbers, has brought a lot to light recently on how mathematical formulas can be utilized in solving crimes.'s hollywood...and 33% of all murders go unsolved in this country every year...but still.

So last night, I had this dream that I was in some "think-tank" room going over mathematical probability formulas for a certain scenario. The professor kept formulating and reformulating but wasn't grasping the "relate it to real life" concept that so many cognative-elites fail to do. He kept coming up with a "yellow horse" as the answer over and over and over. But of course..."yellow" horses don't exist. I explained that "yellow" is what someone would likely call a "palamino" if they didn't know the word, "Palamino". Another thinker kept saying his derived formula was coming up with a "leopard" horse...I had to explain that that was likely a "Appaloosa"...

All the mathematics in the world moved those folks into answers that they couldn't relate to real life...for just a simple lack of experience.

Books are part of integral experience is the other part.

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