Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A worst cars list!

There's an interesting article about the Ten Worst Automobiles Today on The Truth About Cars website.

Although I like the site, they tend to ruin some great opinions with needless drivel and insight like "anyone who drives a truck must be compensating for their penis size", etc. Other than an occasional machoistic slip and oh-too-often drag-queen-like-detailed descriptions of interior, it's enjoyable to read some commentary on cars, trucks, and the death of GM (possibly Ford as well). I'm reminded of movie critics: it doesn't really matter what the critic says, you like or don't like things based on you...not their high-and-mighty-opinion.

Is critical for the sake of being critical just whining? ;)


I'm about 9 months into guitar lessons now and having a complete blast. The progress is slow but necessary at this level. I'm reading actual music, more than just "tab" like I used to. I was hoping to have a little presentation for Christmas, but of course, I'm my most vocal critic. I do have a nice classical arrangement of Greensleeves...but the one I hear in my head is much more detailed and I want to explore that. I'd also like to do a Cat Stevens song, "Morning Has Broken". Finally, there are some pieces I'd like to do that would require me putting down a recording and then playing with it. That sounds both difficult but promising.

If any of you play guitar and could recommend a song or two, I'd be most appreciative. I'm a beginner at reading music, but really enjoy practicing like crazy once I get it down. Thanks!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Ted Haggard scandal...

...great, Ted proves that he's not Jesus...I for one wasn't surprised. The actual allegations he's admitting to, although not released, are certainly a little shocking, but I can see that this issue is going to explode. :( Maybe Ted is just bi-sexual like 80% of the rest of the married men in Colorado Springs. But will this suddenly enlighten Christians that perhaps even part of being attracted to the same sex is genetic/biological? Probably not. I see it as a lose, lose situation.

That being said, my thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Haggard and his family. They've a long, long road to travel.