Thursday, October 06, 2005

Communication is the key...

...haven't we all heard that about 32.8 million times? For relationships, especially life partner ones, it really is so very true. For me, things tend to build up. You know...those things that in and of themselves are so inconsequential, that I don't mention them. I don't want to be a nagging partner that complains about every little thing. But taken collectively, they amount to some serious, pent up (is that really the correct phrase and spelling?) frustration.

Nothing bothers me more than realizing I screwed up by not communicating before things have escalated to the point of blowing up. Additionally, once I'm angry, so much time has to pass before I can actually calm my emotions. What's amazing is that I've seen a few married couples go through this...and often times, the blowing up point and the point of no return intersect here.

God (small g), why are relationships so f'in fragile? Perhaps this incredibly strong and wide foundation I thought I had was actually very small square footage with a very tall building on top of it? How could I not feel the wind swaying this building so easily?

All in all, relationships take work, understanding, and compromise. Now if I can just get my emotional side to grasp that. :)

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