Friday, October 14, 2005

Justice for all?

You know, it's kind of weird. When the radical right and republicans in general were in the minority, they constantly reminded folks that the constitution protects even the minority; the majority can't simply dismiss and trod on the rights of the minority. Now that they are the majority (by a whopping 1%!), they've completely forgotten this mantra.

Hey folks, you can't sacrifice minorities in hopes of maintaining the majority. When will the govt. wake up and smell the coffee? The majority, at least the intelligent ones, are supposed to remember that they need to look out for the minority, the weak, the helpless. Has the radical right have no concept of empathy? How about forgiveness? Have they ever seen or heard anything at all about compassion? I'm simply not seeing it.

Sure, go ahead and say that gays are the reason that 9/11 happened, that the Tsunami hit the Far East because Swedes were on vacation there and it was God's way of punishing a country for it's stance on gay rights, or, pray as Pat Robertson did for Renquist to die and for the U.S. to assasinate the leader of a country. But some folks are seeing right through the hypocricy. Why do married folks get special rights? They aren't equal rights...because non-straight couples and single folks don't get to enjoy any of those benefits. That means they are special. The fact that only straight couples enjoy them also means they are discrimitory. That's just the rules...I didn't make them. Go ahead and call yourself pro-family...I'm fairly certain that God and others see right through that deception and give it it's proper name: hatred.

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