Saturday, October 30, 2004

Yet another ride!

So, I think my horse-back riding group is in great denial that it is indeed winter and we have to stop riding soon. Today, we headed up to Elk Meadows, near Cripple Creek, Colorado, at 7:00 this morning. My first clue that it was either a) early or b) cold was that there was no guard in the entrance to the is $5 to enter per vehicle. However, the thermostat on Eriks truck answered the question for me...definately b)...cold. Try 17 degrees cold...I was so glad I wore longjohns!

Incredible ride, but we didn't see any elk at all. Lots of footprints of big cats (cougars or bobcats), fox, coyote, rabits, and even some wild turkey. :)

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Lisa said...

You guys are crazy.