Tuesday, November 02, 2004

And so it begins! (COLD!)

The snow began on Sunday, but that was hardly the extent of the cold weather here in Colorado. On Monday, the drive to work went from a pleasant 35 minutes to a marathon 85 minutes. Most snow storms leave snow, packed snow, and maybe some ice on the road...this one just left 2-3 inches of ice. :( And a chilly 11 degrees on Monday night/Tuesday morning....bbbbbbrrrrrrr!

Did I mention that my Mom moved in about 2 weeks ago? Long story, but I'm glad she is back in Colorado and seems to be getting motivated to find a job, etc. She does chatter a lot in the morning...I'm trying to get her to stop waking up at 4:00 so she doesn't disturb me or Scott. She also isn't allowed to smoke in the house or garage. My house, my rules...she can go slowly kill herself and/or destroy her lungs in her own house. Most of my family are smokers...all of them know I hate it, think it's discusting, etc. :) But I love them anyhow.

With her being diabetic, I'm trying to encourage her to eat better, reduce her carb intake, and am cooking to reflect that. I love to cook, but my Mom doesn't. She's very good at cleaning up afterwards. While she's unemployed, she's been cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, etc. I think the house is cleaner now than when we moved in!

Tomorrow we will have the results of the presidential race as well as the Senate, House, and a few Governor seats...should make for some good reading or light depression...either way, it's exciting to me for some odd reason this year.


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