Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fall Movies...and some summer ones.

I've seen a few films recently that are pretty interesting. There are a few coming out that look frightening.

"Little Miss Sunshine" was an excellent film. I really enjoyed much on screen is painful to watch and I nearly grimaced in pain (emotional) to see what the family members go through.

"Fly Boys" is pretty shallow. Interesting visually, but so very predictable and slow paced when the planes aren't on screen.

"Fearless" with Jet Li was visually amazing. Best fight scenes (choreography) since "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

So, future films..."Jesus Camp" looks extremely frightening. Yes, it's a very small sect of the Christian Faith...but they are there none the less. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the only takes a single film to make or break a lot of ideas. It wasn't long ago that I attended camps like that...of course I was an adult by then and had already started questioning many things the pastors/leaders preached. Why is it that we can use single line scripture to justify the churches non acceptance of homosexuality...but we can't use the same thing to justify the oppression of women, slavery (regardless of race), and even beating children? Why is it that we use the scripture in its entirety when dealing with those subjects...even masturbation and birth control...but not homosexuality? Do Christians realize it's not even in the top 10 for the commandments? It was just 20 years ago that the Church had declared the #1 threat to America was the it's the "gays". Criminy...does their lack of faith know no bounds? If God is love, and through Love all things are possible...and through faith, we can move mountains, what's the hang up with homosexuality? Perhaps homosexuality isn't wrong?!

The new James Bond is coming up...I'm looking forward to it. The new actor doesn't bother me as much as other bond fanatics...why is it that all the homophobes at work keep declaring that he's not good looking enough? They should be staring at the gorgeous women in the film, not him anyhow.

Prestige looks very cool.

Apocalypto -- thought I'd mention Mel Gibson since he's obviously starving for attention. Hey Mel...get back in a skirt and put some makeup get awards that way! :)

Well, I should sign co-worker keeps snorting mucus up his nose and down his throat rather than blowing his nose...pesky co-workers!

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