Friday, September 08, 2006

Ends justify the means...

...have you noticed that the President of the U.S. went from "there are no secret prisons" to "we don't condone torture" to "well, there are a few secret prisons where we do some light torture"? Yet the whole time the executive branch is claiming that these men are horrible terrorists...isn't it the judicial branch that decides if someone is guilty? Isn't it supposed to be the judicial branch that decides what is torture and what isn't and if we indeed are allowed to do it?

The laws in this country are meant to protect the innocent...yet George W. constantly steps over that boundry and justifies his actions by pointing to the end result. We are not a country to be run by fear. In an emotional crunch, there are tons of things I'd consider justified that I'd never ever consider otherwise. That's why we don't base law off of emotional state. It's black and white. It doesn't matter if you are upset, retaliating, etc...the law is the law.

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