Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My letter was "M"

The evil Lisa gave me M! M of all letters! CRIMINY! ;)

1) Mom -- My mom is a riot. She's always been more of a friend than a motherly influence in my life. Maybe that's how moms are supposed to be?
2) Mother's day (I hope that's not cheating!) -- My mom and I shot BB guns and paint guns for fun...does it get any better?
3) Mondays -- I'm taking guitar lessons on Monday now...I love it...but it's weird having homework again. This is actually enjoyable homework, but it looms over my head all the same. Just another manic monday...ah...the 80's!
4) Moo Shu Pork -- Darn it...I don't eat as much Chinese food as I used to. :(
5) Mexico and Immigration -- I'm tired of hearing about it, tired of folks labeling them as criminals, proposing they are felons, etc etc etc. There's a funny Neal Diamond parody about it... "They're sneaking to America", found here: . Not a joking matter, but by now I need some relief.
6) Meditation -- I've done more meditation lately than I think I ever have. Not a spiritual type meditation, just some serious yet deep thought regarding a variety of subjects.
7) Melancholy -- I love that word...
8) Meniscus -- isn't that a plate in your knee? I think about how my knees don't hurt right now since we aren't in the middle of a volleyball league...I miss volleyball. Horse back riding actually does hurt my knees a bit, but nowhere near the level of volleyball.
9) Mathematics -- That was my major in college. I've seriously considered giving up my geek job for a less paying but very rewarding teaching job. :)
10) Muhahahahaha -- Sinister laughs are the best. I tend to do them from time to time...not always out loud, just as a, "wow, I manipulated that situation for folks to do exactly as I wanted...and it was for their benefit and reward, not mine!" I had a cousin who recently married...but he didn't invite an uncle and aunt and I inquired as to why. He apparently is holding a grudge that she doesn't know about. I explained that in our family, her ignorance isn't malicious, it just is...but he knowingly excluded her from a family event that's once (hopefully) in a lifetime. I explained that he is more than willing to keep the bridge burnt between their two families...but at what cost and energy? Wouldn't it be better to open the bridge and see if she's willing to come across? I do believe that personal fueds need to have a break when it comes to once in a lifetime experiences: marriage, child birth, graduation, etc.

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Lisa said...

You did great! :)