Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cognitive thought...

Does this ability still exist today? ;) The reporters on Fox News don't seem to think before really amazes me. I listened to a couple of days of them giving their opinion on the wire-tapping that goes on from the NSA...none of them claimed it wasn't illegal, they simply justified the illegality of the activity.

Today is illegal immigration day on Fox News. The "invasion of criminals" apparently is a hotter topic than banning gay marriage (at least this hour). I'm always amazed how Fox News can use the most dramatic term possible to describe folks hopping the border in search of work. If someone is going 60 miles per hour in a 65 zone, isn't calling them a speeding maniac just a bit over dramatic? Can I honestly categorize them with the guy going 130 miles an hour down the highway?

Is Fox news taking lessons from Rush Limbaugh on over dramatizing these events? Are they a news station or entertainment station?

Wasn't the quote in Star Wars III, "Only the Sith deal in absolutes"? I've wondered about this statement a lot since seeing the parallels between Star Wars III and the current Bush (aka the Emperor who controls the Senate) Administration (aka the evil Empire).

Now...back to gay marriage. Mr. Bush claims that marriage is the foundation of society. How exactly is marriage the foundation of our society when divorce is so rampant? Does that mean we are only 50% of a society now since about 50% of marriages end in divorce? Note: that doesn't mean 50% of people get divorced; it means 50% of marriages end in divorce. If you need clarification on how to understand a statistic like the right-wing seems to, please feel free to ask.

One of the biggest complaints (they need to bitch about something), whines (jealousy?) and outrages (shocker...people enjoy sex!) of the radical right is that gays are so promiscuous...apparently, they even have sex on the first date! Note to radical right -- straight folks are having sex on the first date too! Perhaps the fear of the radical right is that they don't want to see the success stories of gays who stay together for years and years and years and years and years?

Doesn't marriage in a Christian ceremony declare to everyone that this is a committed couple? That those in attendance are to help, encourage, and edify that couple on their new path together? How exactly is this an abomination when the couple happens to be of the same sex? Is it not good that they remain committed, encouraged, and edified from friends and family? Isn't it good that the person they love the most now has a right to be in the hospital room with them or their family member if they are in the hospital?

It was just 32 years ago that the white majority in this country finally lost out on discriminating against blacks and whites from marrying each other (North Carolina). They used scripture to justify their hatred...just like now. This really only leaves a few options in my mind...they either aren't reading the same Bible I'm reading...or they are forgetting to use some cognitive thought on how to interpret what they are reading. Another option, the truly scary one, is this: If the Bible is true...and if the devil can really quote scripture and twist it, what if the radical right actually is heavily influenced by the devil? Has anyone ever been as hungry for a "sign" from God as the radical right that they misinterpret natural disasters as signs from God? Has any spokesman for the radical right been as obsessed with power as to pray from God to kill a world leader...or for the U.S. to assassinate him?

I'm seeing plenty of signs...but they don't look good for the radical right and for the "organized" church (in general). But then again, I'm capable of cognitive thought...

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Chico said...

Here's some fabulous logic, right up there with the right wing, regarding the following quote from you:
gays are so promiscuous...apparently, they even have sex on the first date
Are you ready for this?

Gays have sex on the first date.

My sister has sex on the first date.

My sister is gay.

You are gay (in many senses of the word)

You are my sister.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me; I've always wanted a sister that I really like and I don't fight with all the time! Let's get together soon, sis!!! I miss you!