Friday, June 23, 2006

Apple vs. PC advertising..., MAC makes a great commercial when advertising the most recent Apple computers. Out of the box, they are ready to go! With a PC, you've got hours of setting up and downloads to do. :)

Very clever! I don't think I'd ever get a MAC, I love too many PC programs, but I could see some of my *cough* less technical relatives *cough* get one.

Great commercial, Apple. :) It's not malicious, just truthfully delicious.

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Chico said...

I need to stalk you more often!!! I didn't know you were writing more than monthly again. :)

My first computer was a Mac. Don't worry, one day, all computers will run the same OS and everything will work like Windows, all programs will be able to run on everything. It will be glorious...or seomthing.