Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bush's inaugural party...

So I hear that Bush is spending forty million dollars (yes, $40,000,000) for his inaugural address party...hmmm...didn't we initially dedicate less than that to the Tsunami victims? I also hear that Kid Rock will be performing...hmmm...the same Kid Rock that sang "Pimp of the Nation"? The same Kid Rock that mentions Barbara Bush in his lyrics?

Hold on...didn't the republicans and right basically excommunicate the Dixie Chicks...but Kid Rock is now blessed? Hmmm....I smell a rat.

Now, Bush also established the White House office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives in order to donate a billion dollars to religious organizations. Very interesting indeed.

Now, lets throw in the mess going on in Ohio...seems Bush gots some interesting team players...claiming to be Christian, but definately not living a Christ-like life.

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