Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln

So, have you heard the talk shows lately on the assertion that Abraham Lincoln was gay? Even as a gay male, this is a pretty big shock to me. The book will be released in Jan 05, and after I've read it, I'll have to rethink my position on the subject.

I do believe two men can share a bed and not be intimate. I do believe that some men need "intimate" relationships with other men, but that doesn't have to include sex. And yes, I do believe many married men are attracted to other men, but that doesn't make them gay.

So, let's read between the lines. Whether Lincoln was gay or not, he definately needed and desired a close relationship with other men. Today we call that a best friend. I see nothing wrong with that. Why? Because I've had best friends where we were intimate in a non-sexual way, but it didn't make either of us gay. For me, that type of friendship isn't weird. For those that have never had that, first, I'm sorry, and second, I totally understand why you would think that type of relationship is weird, queer, strange, gay, etc. But that doesn't make it the label that you are I have to give it.

For once, I'd just love everyone to swallow their flippin' pride and open their eyes to their prejudices. Unless you know EVERYTHING, how can you possibly label everything? You can't. It's simple. I learn something new every day...there are very few relationships I feel qualified to label. Definately not President Lincoln's.

If he was gay, I don't really care. He was a great man.
If he was straight but had best friends that "slept over", then so be it...he was still a great man.

So, even though I was shocked...I'm open to the suggestion that Lincoln was gay, or bi, or straight with really good men friends. I'm sure those less open minded are simply denying the thought, the evidence, and even the notion.

It's like the scene from Philidelphia all over again...

"Are you gay?"

If you are offended by the question, why? If Lincoln was gay, and you are offended, why?

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