Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Seriously, is it starting to leave the human race? I had a coworker today ask how we could erase the white board better. I said, "duh, clean the eraser and use a conditioner/cleaner on the white board!" Did he think that all the built up dried ink in the eraser magically went away?

He also was struggling finding accessories for his new 2000 Toyota Tundra. I did a google search and got gobs (well over 1 million sites) of hits back on accessories for the Tundra. He actually said this to me with a straight face, "How did you find all of those?"
I replied, "I did a google search."
He then said, again, completely in awe, "But what did you search for?"
"2000 Toyota Tundra Accessories...the exact thing you told me you are in need of finding!" I said in an alice-like voice.

A different coworker came up to me and said, "Jimmy (I hate it when they call me that), do you know where they moved my old files on the network drive?"
"Who is 'they' and to what files are you referring?" I shot back.
"The files that I used to have when I didn't work in this department." he says.
"You think I know where files that I never knew existed and were moved by someone that you won't define?" I said, again in an Alice-like voice. "Did you search the G: drive and the other network drive you have mapped?"

Seriously, are they stupid or do they just want me to do all of their work? You can't just hand me a roll of toilet paper and expect I'm going to wipe your nose and your ass when needed! I have REAL work to do!


Jim Harper said...

Today was another great one...this same employee asks if I can "format" some powerpoint slides. What he really meant to say was insert graphs, trends, etc. They don't have any of that data in their slides now, so how the hell would I do that? Magic?

pb said...

Jim, your "friends" at work are both stupid AND they want you to do their work for them. Otherwise, if they did their own work, they might lose the "I'm stoopid" sign taped to the back of their shirt. Let's not mention to your readers that these inane requests are coming from highly-compensated government workers with technical degrees. Arghhh!