Thursday, August 03, 2006

I ponder things too deep at times...

So much is flying through my brain lately that I'm a bit taken back by it all...maybe it's the vitamins?

Have you seen the news articles on the sudden decline of new house construction? Will this truely shatter the economy? Do folks realize that budget cuts in the military will further impact the economy? All those construction firms that build houses and other firms that build buildings for the military will suddenly have a surplus of workers...or more precisely...a large layoff of workers. This of course will spurn unemployment benefits, etc. until more jobs open up...putting a bit of a burden on tax payers...and less tax payers at that. Perhaps we are headed toward a recession?

In an unrelated but similarly bizzarre train of thought...perhaps folks just aren't having enough babies to keep the housing market going? Maybe Focus on the Family was partially correct in preaching that gays are the downfall of our society...even if it is only the economic one. Just think...they could have completely avoided this entire gay marriage debate if they simply stated that each couple can only be married if having at least 2 children within a few years of their "marriage". They (FOTF) could still have quite the dagger at the heart of the gay community while not punishing innocent children who happen to be in a gay household. At the same time, they'd be able to punish straight folks who don't know, the one thing that allows those folks special rights according to the courts.

Seriously...these trains of thought don't seem to have any caboose...

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