Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Car shopping...

I'd really like a new car...I've learned to use the word "like" or "want" instead of "need" since my old car (a '99 Acura TL) is still running fine. However, it's been 7 & 1/2 years since I've had a new car and I definately want one. :)

I'd really like an all-wheel-drive. That narrows my search a bit...but it's not an absolute I'm not ruling out all other cars. In other words...I'm only fooling myself when I say I've narrowed my search. I'd really like something I can throw my bike in during the summer...but who knows if I'll have that same desire to bike next year?

With that being said, I'd love to have something the dogs can ride in...but at the same time, I really like leather. I love coupes and hatchbacks, but I really want rear windows. I'd like to have a sporty car but I love having a car that can cruise on the highway and is fairly quiet. Finally, I'd really like to have decent gas mileage...if it dips into the teens, I lose interest quickly.

A few small SUV's I'm considering are:
1) The new Acura won't even be in the dealers showrooms until Aug 10th.
2) The new Mazda CX-7...they have it in a pretty blue. ;)
...hmm...the list is smaller than I thought.

Other cars I'm considering:
3) The Audi A3 (turbo)'s 2 wheel drive, but I really like it. The AWDs are overpriced in my opinion.
4) The Subaru Legacy Spec's just a beautiful car...but I lose the ability to put my bike in it. (Gain a ton...lose a little. :) )

Am I willing to pay MSRP? Possibly.
Am I willing to finance above 3%? Absolutely not.

Ok, I'm done. :)


Lisa said...

I'm surprised that AWD/4WD is not a requirement for you. It is for me and was once I got rid of the Cavalier. :D

Happy shopping though!

Jim Harper said...

Yeah, all the cars I'm considering are AWD...except the little A3. ;)