Thursday, January 26, 2006

"On the edge" feeling

Have you ever felt like you are just hanging on by a you could go either way, either good or bad, in certain factors in life?

I feel like this right now for financial. I'm fairly debt-free except my house of course. My only monthly bills are car insurance. Quarterly, I have the waste disposal service ($70) and World of Warcraft ($45) and yearly I have my car registration ($150ish). I should be hording cash into my saving account...but other expenses keep rising up to cover my extra cash flow. :) Food is a big one...isn't it nice to experiment with different foods, wines, have a dinner party, etc. without worrying about money? I'm also looking at getting a new car car is nearly 7 years old with 144,000 miles. But my goal is to get $10,000 saved up before buying my next car. :)

Hobbies are another thing I feel on edge about. I still love volleyball...but my shoulder is aching at night, my knees hurt going up and down the stairs, and even my back gets sore from playing. Perhaps it's time to give that up? Skiing is still amazingly fun, but it's expensive (see above paragraph), uses up my entire weekend, and is quite least the way I ski. :) I also want to play more guitar...but that would require me getting another guitar as I don't have an accoustic guitar...I do have a classical and 2 electric guitars. But there is a gorgeous guitar down at the store that is AMAZING!...but out of my self-imposed budget. :(

Maybe it's just an early case of cabin fever...I can't buy plants on the way home and work in the yard like I do in the spring and summer! If so, it sure did hit me early this year!

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Lisa said...

It felt spring-like recently. Maybe it'll happen soon!