Thursday, December 08, 2005

Too much in my head...

My mind sure does seem to race at times...I seriously thought all the trains of thought that come through the station would be slowing down.

Work has been very interesting. There are shuffles of personnel going on, inside scoops I didn't know about previously regarding my new boss, and a really good friend at work who may be moving to California :(

Home has been going a hundred miles an hour as well. Scott and I hosted Thanksgiving this year. A total of 20 were in the house...and 6 dogs (2 were puppies)! There was my mom, sister, her partner, 3 of their kids (my neices), one neices fiance, another neices boyfriend, my dad, his wife, my step brother and sister (who'd I'd never met before!), my brother and his wife, their three girls, and a friend of mine from high school, Dr. Dave....then scott and me. Wow...that was a lot of folks!

No's a long weekend to recover...but Dec 3rd, the Saturday after that, was our latest wine tasting party. Great fun...I'll have to type the list up and post it, fun, fun.

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