Monday, December 19, 2005

Music: Iron & Wine

So I recently purchased the soundtrack to "Garden State" which featured some incredible music. It's mostly soft, very folk, but just amazing. Coincidently, I saw the movie, "In Good Company" with Dennis Quaid, Scarlet Johannsen, and Topher Grace. Excellent movie...great to watch on a snowy day, or as a date film, or as a nice "pick me up" film. Great underlying themes, etc...actually kind of surprising that it's so darn good.

A commonality between the Garden State soundtrack and In Good Company soundtrack is an artist named Sam Beam, from his group called Iron & Wine. Very soft, folk-like, but amazingly deep and thoughtful.

One theme of one of his songs, "Such Great Heights", is how everything looks perfect from so far away. Isn't this true? Ever seen a low quality picture, thumbnail size, that was just amazing...but when you blew it up to become your desktop wallpaper, it was full of imperfections? How about other folks lives? From a distance, they seem so perfect and complete. But upon closer inspection, they contain blemishes, stains, and scars you'd never have guessed from glancing.

Sometimes we are lucky...our closest friends, family, and significant others want that closer look. They want to see both the valleys and the hills of our life. It is there that they'll see the refreshing springs, the snow covered peaks that glisten, and the fields grass that sway in the storm.

Be prepared to catch your breath when taking that closer look. The beauty of great detail is often overwhelming at first.

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Lisa said...

Those were both good movies. And I really like Iron and Wine. They play them a fair bit on Radio Paradise.

I hope you guys have a great holiday!