Monday, March 14, 2005

My body aint what it used to be...

Last Saturday (March 12th), I had the pleasure of heading up (down in elevation, up if you look at a map and put North at the top) to Denver for a volleyball tournament. I participate in this tournament every year...and every year, it seems my body is telling me something with a louder and louder voice. I believe the message has always been the same...but it's definately easier to hear it now: "You're too old for this Jim!" Hehe...seriously though, I'm aching today (Monday). I've always hated taking Ibuprophen or other drugs to dull pain from athletic activity...but I definately waved those concerns today. I work on the second story of a government building that doesn't have an the heck can the government get away with that?! But that's another post for another day and probably not worth the bandwidth to download what most folks already know anyhow. :P

By the way, Saturday was an amazing 70 degrees in Denver...snow moved in on Saturday night. It's a weird time of year in late as Wednesday, I can't really tell if I should make plans to go hike/ride in the mountains, or head up to ski. It could be 20, it could be just never know.

On a more somber note, a good friend of mine is heading to Seattle to work for Microsoft. I'm very excited for him, but pretty sad that I won't have him around. I definately wouldn't have ever pursued a career in computers or anything technology related if it wasn't for him. Of course, I also wouldn't have ever experience on-line gaming or X-box. :D I'm still holding off the urge to get TiVo.

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