Monday, September 17, 2007

New desk at work...

Last Friday I moved offices. Same job, still a cubical environment, but much nice desk. My old cube was fairly large and I didn't actually share my room with anyone. I did have both printers and the fax machine in the room, and three large filing cabinets. However, my cubical was built for 2 people, but we wound up just shoving a digital scanner in as my "cube mate". He didn't talk back much...all I heard was white noise and hot air. Kinda like being married. Anyhow...

My new office is tough because I have others right next to me. However, I have huge windows in front of me. They appear to be 3 foot by 6 foot windows...and run the length of the wall. I have a view of Pikes Peak and the entire's incredible.

Today, 3 waves of storms came over the mountains. It's a simple thing really, but it was just spectacular to me. With the overcast skies, the mountains are blue or blue-gray with each mountain, taller and farther from me, fading to a lighter shade of blue or blue-grey.

I'll try to take a snapshot sometime and post it.

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