Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

If you haven't heard this album, I highly recommend it! It's an acoustic guitar duo that puts out some amazing sound. Unlike a lot of acoustic guitars, they use nylon strings for more warmth, but don't be fooled...this is fast paced, full sounding and exciting music!

They used to be in a metal band and this sound is definately unique. They even have a cover of "Orion" by Metallica and "Stairway to Heaven".


Lisa said...

I think they played something by them on the radio recently and I was impressed!

Chico said...

Ok, Mr.
Rodrigo y Gabriela are coming to the Fox Theater on May 1. I'm going to try to get us tickets through KBCO. Do you want me to get some for you, too? If so, how mandy and shall we carpool to get there? And, yes, we'd be taking your car. The new one. The nice, fast, spiffy new one. That would be the car we would take, should we carpool to the concert in Denver on May 1.
Let me know when you can, but don't bust any tailfeathers - tickets don't go on sale for awhile yet.

Chico said...

MANY! Not Mandy. I don't even know a Mandy.

Ali Kemal said...


They are not playing acoustic guitars with nylon strings. In fact, far from it. They are playing Spanish classicals, which normally use nylon strings.
The only difference between their guitars and Spanish classical guitars is that theirs have 24 frets, like an ordinary electric, instead of 18 frets of classicals.


Jim Harper said...

Acoustic guitars are both nylon and steel string. Acoustic simply means non-electric. If it has a hollow body, it's acoustic. The style of acoustic is classical, are more precisely ovation cutaway classical acoustic guitars. :)