Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm about 9 months into guitar lessons now and having a complete blast. The progress is slow but necessary at this level. I'm reading actual music, more than just "tab" like I used to. I was hoping to have a little presentation for Christmas, but of course, I'm my most vocal critic. I do have a nice classical arrangement of Greensleeves...but the one I hear in my head is much more detailed and I want to explore that. I'd also like to do a Cat Stevens song, "Morning Has Broken". Finally, there are some pieces I'd like to do that would require me putting down a recording and then playing with it. That sounds both difficult but promising.

If any of you play guitar and could recommend a song or two, I'd be most appreciative. I'm a beginner at reading music, but really enjoy practicing like crazy once I get it down. Thanks!

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