Monday, September 26, 2005


I admit it...I was completely addicted to a reality TV show, namely, Rockstar: INXS. It involved the 80's band seeking out a new lead singer to front their band. The show ran 10 weeks, with each week eliminating one (one week it was two!) of the 15 singers who were trying out.

Unlike American Idol, many of these folks were trained and often performing either in their own bands, in musical plays, etc. Most were simply amazing to listen to and watch. The band did an incredible job challenging each singer. Often times, you'd think a song was perfect for a singer, only to see that it had a few notes or style that was a challenge for them.

In the end, it came down to Marty Casey, a great grunge singer, Mig Aeysa, Australian singer who performs Queens: We Will Rock You musical, and J.D. Fortune, the dangerous bad boy.

J.D. won it all. He matured during the show, had some great musical arrangements, and is a very talented song writer. As much as I wanted Marty or Mig to win it, once J.D. started singing, "What you need", I knew he was the best fit for the band.

Cheers to INXS for an entertaining 10 week show.

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